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Heritage Game Jam is an annual game jam (also known as a "hackathon") held on 28 Oct 2022 to 6 Nov 2022, aimed to celebrate the medium of games to talk about Singapore culture and heritage: past, present, and future.

We encourage jammers to explore our heritage not just as a setting or a backdrop – but featuring our culture and society. Through games, we allow players to reflect on what identity is as a Singaporean.

Date & Time:
28 Oct 2022 8PM (opening event/theme reveal)
6 Nov 2022 8PM (closing event)
6 Nov 2022 10PM (officially end)

Venue: Sagakaya Discord. Event page here.

This jam has ended! Thank you for the participation and see you on the next one!

Kacang Puteh is a series of short, 5-minute presentations for speakers to share about anything they'd like about games! The topics can range from the serious to the zany, from social issues to capybaras and is aimed at encouraging conversation around cross application of games across different industries, hobbies and interests. 

The event runs on the 15 Oct 2022, 7PM - 9PM GMT+8. 

Be prepared to open your mind to the little things that we don't often notice in games but are nonetheless inspirational!

This event is closed! Thank you very much

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The Sagakaya Collective

The Sagakaya Collective comprises of 4 passionate individuals from the Singapore games industry, working together to promote games as an art form. 

Project Teahouse

Project Teahouse encourages the use of games as immersive experiences that facilitates dialogue between the story of the game and the player, whilst promoting Singapore’s heritage in the form of a fun, interactive online experience.

Heritage Game Jam

Heritage Game Jam, an annual game jam exploring Singaporean identity, is also organised by Sagakaya. The event aimed to promote the usage of the medium of Games to talk about Singapore heritage: past, present, and future. 

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